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4 Reasons to Buy Rwanda Coffee for Your Work Breakroom

With so many people making the return back to the office in the coming weeks, many are wondering how the workplace environment will compare to working from home. One of the many perks of sending emails from the kitchen table is having access to freshly brewed coffee at any time — so why not carry this over to the company office?

Supplying employees with specialty coffee is a great way to get them excited to get back to normal. The Rwanda coffee flavor profile, for example, could be enough to get them to make the commute back to the city and collab with coworkers. With a hint of orange blossom and lemon in smell, a floral and fruit burst of flavor and an aftertaste reminiscent of caramel and chocolate, the Rwanda coffee flavor profile can add a delightful pick-me-up option to your breakroom.

Beyond the taste and aroma of Rwandan coffee beans, there are many benefits to bringing this sweet stuff into the office. Here are four great reasons to buy Rwanda coffee for the work breakroom:

1. Introduce a New Workplace Perk

Getting employees excited to return to the office can be simplified if you introduce a new workplace perk. Whether you’ve never provided coffee in the office before, or you’re just looking to increase the quality of coffee in the breakroom, Rwanda coffee makes a delicious option.

The smell of freshly ground Rwanda coffee beans alone may be enough to get employees excited to walk around the office, but as soon as they learn that Coffee Blenders’ Rwanda Coffee Pour-Over Pouches create made-to-order coffee — and they can brew it right at their desk — they’ll forget the home office ever even existed.

2. Increase Productivity Levels

Picture this scenario: it’s late Monday afternoon and your employees have their eyes stuck on the clock. They’re having a difficult time concentrating and need a pick-me-up before their minds completely check out for the day. That’s where Rwanda coffee comes into play.

Coffee, or caffeine in general, has a reputation for providing an energy boost, whether it’s the first thing in the morning or midway through the day. When you buy Rwanda coffee for your employees to enjoy, you may find that the end of the day becomes the most productive stretch of the workweek.

Young woman enjoying coffee in the breakroom

3. Improved Employee Efficiency

Coffee is a common source of energy for many workers, so you’ll likely have a handful who rely on a cup of the hot stuff when they hit a wall during the day. If you don’t provide coffee in the breakroom, your employees are going to head out and find it themselves.

Your staff members deserve a break throughout the day to wind down and take their eyes off of the screen, but that doesn’t mean they should spend the whole time waiting in line for coffee at a cafe. Think about it this way: if you buy Rwanda coffee for the breakroom, employees will spend less time out searching for a hot cup of coffee and more time relaxing during break time as they should. This, in turn, can encourage them to return to work with a clear mind, ready to make moves before the end of the day.

4. Encourage Socialization via Coffee Culture

The breakroom should be a place that staff members can retreat to when they need some time away from the hustle and bustle of their workday, but it should also be a place to socialize. When you give employees something to bound over, such as Rwanda coffee, you may find them taking more time to talk and get to know each other — something especially important after spending years away from the office.

Buy Rwanda Coffee Pour-Over Pouches from Coffee Blenders

Want to supply your employees with a specialty coffee option? Our Rwanda Coffee Pour-Over Pouches offer a simple way to enjoy a complex and decadent cup of coffee. Post these instructions in the breakroom near your supply of coffee pouches so your employees can make a fresh cup every time:

  1. Remove the pouch from the wrapper.
  2. Place the pouch in the coffee cup, extending the anchors to each side. Pour about 8 ounces of hot water over the pouch. Let settle.
  3. Repeat the process until you have a full cup of freshly brewed Rwanda coffee.
  4. Enjoy!

Gone are the days of expecting employees to enjoy the stale coffee in the community coffee pot. Get your Rwanda coffee pouches today.

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