Follow these tips to make the best pour over coffee

5 Tips to Make the Best Pour Over Coffee Every Single Time

Ready to master pour-over coffee? When you reach for your morning cup of joe, you want to know what to expect every single time. However, slight changes to temperature and method can be the reason why you’re enjoying an amazing cup of coffee one day and a subpar cup the next.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to master your morning beverage and get the best pour-over coffee every time. Read on for our tips and tricks for the best pour-over coffee method so you never have to experience a mediocre cup of coffee again

Tips for The Best Pour-Over Coffee

Follow these tips for the best pour-over coffee every single time.

1. Choose The Right Brew

The first step in creating the best pour-over coffee is finding the right blend of beans. While much of this is personal preference, you also want to remember that ground coffee is not the same as instant coffee!

Pour-over coffee utilizes ground coffee beans. You want to ensure that you’re grinding your beans right before you brew them for the best flavor and that your ground beans are as uniform in size as possible. When your grounds aren’t uniform, or if they’re not fine enough, it won’t allow the water to filter through evenly.

If this feels like a daunting task, you may want to invest in a coffee grinder.

2. Watch Your Water Temperature

Using the correct water temperature is everything when it comes to making the best pour-over coffee. After all, water that is too cold won’t extract the right amount of flavor, while water that is too hot can scald the beans and leave your coffee tasting burnt.

The best pour-over coffee method recommends that you use water that’s about 30 seconds off the boil. In other words, for light and medium roasts use water that’s 207°F (and 210° for dark roasts). It’s also essential to use clean, filtered water as opposed to tap water. This will result in a better-tasting cup of joe.

3. Keep an Eye on The Clock

Once you’ve poured your hot water over the coffee grounds, it’s time to watch the clock. The first pour over your coffee is known as the bloom pour and takes about 30-45 seconds to fully saturate the grounds. Altogether, you can expect a total brewing time of about 2.5 to 3 minutes for dark roast coffee and 3 to 4 minutes for medium to light roasts.

Timing for the best pour-over coffee is important because it allows you to extract the ideal amount of flavor for your grounds. Too little time will result in a weak cup while too long will taste bitter.

4. Add Your Personal Touch

Ultimately, the best pour-over coffee will differ from person to person! While the pour-over method is great for bringing out the complex flavors of coffee (especially light roasts), you may want to add your own spin before enjoying your cup.

From sweeteners and syrups to creamers and other additions, your cup of coffee is really a blank canvas. Experiment with different additions to see which you like best.

5. Find an Easier Pour-Over Coffee Filter

Want to enjoy the delicious flavor of pour-over coffee with a fraction of the work? Coffee Blenders offers Single Serve Pour Over Coffee that is pre-measured and makes the process simple and hassle free.

While you can follow these steps for the best pour-over coffee, the process is still cumbersome and oftentimes messy (especially with the fine coffee grounds you must use). There’s also still a lot of room for things to go wrong. Our coffee pour-over coffee takes all the guesswork out of the coffee-making process with pre-portioned coffee in single serve bags that are already perfectly ground and ready to be used!

We recommend using clean water between 190° and 210° degrees for the optimal single serve coffee bag brewing. Then, place the pour over pouch on your cup by extending the anchors and slowly pour the hot water over the open pouch until the pouch is filled to the top. Let the water settle into the coffee and slowly repeat this process three times until you have your 8 oz cup of freshly brewed coffee. Feel free to add a little bit of sweetener that can further enhance the flavors of our coffee sourced from some of the best coffee-producing regions in the world.

Get ready to sit back and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee that will have you feeling refreshed and revived in no time.

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