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Coffee Blenders: An Easy, Portable, Instant Gourmet Coffee

How are you making single-cup coffee? Pods might be convenient but aren’t the most environmentally friendly while brewing the perfect cup every morning can take a lot of time and cleaning up (and measuring to get your portion correct). 

That’s why Coffee Blenders created single-serve coffee bags so you can conveniently order instant gourmet coffee online without ever compromising on taste or quality! 

10 Benefits of Coffee Blenders Coffee Tea Bags

Coffee Blenders can elevate your coffee experience with innovative single-serve coffee bags. These are just a handful of the benefits of purchasing instant gourmet coffee online from Coffee Blenders: 

1. It’s Easy

Making single-cup coffee is easy with Coffee Blenders. All you need is a single-serve pour-over coffee bag, your mug or cup of choice, and hot water! We recommend using water at a temperature of 190 degrees to 210 degrees for optimal tea bag brewing. Simply brew the coffee tea bag in hot water for anywhere from three to five minutes for the ideal flavor (no bitterness!). 

Brewing up a perfect Coffee Blenders tea bag coffee is a breeze when you follow our handy guide.

2. It’s High-Quality 

Coffee Blenders never compromise the taste of coffee for convenience. All of our beans are sourced from some of the most iconic coffee-producing countries in the world and ground to perfection before being placed in our coffee tea bags for a high-quality finished cup. Additionally, Coffee Blenders takes pride in ethically sourced beans and sustainable farming practices.

3. It’s Affordable

How much are you spending on coffee a day? Skip spending upwards of $5 on your morning cup with single-serve coffee bags. Coffee Blenders cost $12.99 for a pack of 10 coffee tea bags. That’s less than $1.30 per cup of perfectly brewed coffee!

4. It’s Eco-Friendly

Other easy ways to make coffee (like pods) are not the most environmentally friendly. It’s often a guessing game about what’s recyclable, and sometimes these products end up in landfills no matter what. Coffee Blenders are certified industrial compostable and are made from 100% veggie-based PLA. This effectively makes this instant gourmet coffee an eco-friendly alternative to single-serve pods or cups and you can enjoy your coffee with the peace of mind that it’s as waste-free as possible. 

5. It’s Convenient

Let’s be real. Brewing up a cup of coffee the old-fashioned way is time-consuming and often requires bulky machines or other tools (i.e. a French Press). With Coffee Blenders, all you need is a coffee tea bag, hot water, and a cup or mug. This makes it easy to enjoy single-serve pour-over coffee on the go, no matter if you’re headed out the door, at your office, or even in a waiting room. 

6. It’s Pre-Portioned

Making a single serving of coffee can take an exact science when you’re using a typical coffee maker. Just think about how often you’ve brewed up too much coffee that all gets cold and goes to waste. Coffee Blenders are perfectly portioned for single-cup pour-over coffee. Not only does this reduce waste, but it ensures that you’re enjoying the same, consistent brew every time you make a cup. It’s also easy to make multiple cups at the same time!

7. It’s Versatile

How do you take your coffee? Coffee Blenders comes in three distinct flavors, but that’s not where the fun ends. Tea bag coffee can also make a deliciously smooth cold brew when refrigerated for 12-24 hours. And while Coffee Blenders have a great bold taste, you can also add sweeteners, creamers, and syrups depending on your preference to make your perfect cup of coffee. You can even make your coffee a seasonal splendor with additions like pumpkin spice for the fall or peppermint for the winter.

8. It’s Clean

Let’s face it, coffee can be messy. Grinds can get into the smallest cracks and cleaning your coffee pots is a time-consuming matter. Single-serve coffee bags are perfectly compact and designed to filter coffee without letting the grounds slip through. Not only does this make a smooth cup of joe, but it also creates a true portable pour-over coffee. You can confidently transport Coffee Blenders coffee tea bags in your bag and make a cup on the go without making a mess.

9. It’s Fresh

Coffee Blenders is not instant coffee! Instant coffee has been previously brewed and then dehydrated to form the crystals that you then rehydrate and drink. When hot water is added, these crystals instantly dissolve so you can quickly have a cup of coffee at your fingertips, however, it never tastes as good as freshly brewed joe. When you buy instant gourmet coffee online you are receiving coffee tea bags that are filled with fresh grounds so you have the convenience of making a cup in an instant but with superior flavor (so no more weak and gritty instant coffee needed!). 

10. It’s Delicious

Coffee Blenders offers coffee tea bags that are better than other coffee grinding and brewing methods. This takes the effort out of the coffee-making process so you can have a cup of the finest tasting joe that makes you feel refreshed and alive in no time!

Of course, these are only a few of the benefits of Coffee Blenders. Try some for yourself and discover just how easy and delicious ordering instant gourmet coffee online can be.

Find Your Favorite Flavor

Coffee is complex, and that’s why Coffee Blenders offers blends from three different coffee regions so you can find your favorite. 

You can find instant gourmet coffee online from Coffee Blenders from these areas, here’s what makes them unique: 

Costa Rica

Washed Tarrazu Costa Rican coffee tea bags create the perfect beverage thanks to their high-quality beans. Costa Rican coffee profiles are unique and known for their complex aromas and sweet and fruit balance. If you’re a fan of dark chocolate and brown sugar, you’ll love this blend that also gives you the caffeine boost you need to start off your morning or overcome a midday slump. 


Columbia is famous for its coffee, and that includes the Washed Huila coffee tea bags from Coffee Blenders. This delicious brew is grown in the optimal coffee-growing climate the country is known for. Huila grown beans are flavorful and well-balanced with vanilla and chocolate tasting notes that are ideal first thing in the morning.


The Natural Cerrado Brazilian coffee tea bags are heavy-bodied and deliciously smooth. Brazilian coffee is famous for its smooth and creamy texture as well as having a low acidic profile, so it’s ideal for coffee drinkers who don’t necessarily love the bitterness of some brews. These coffee tea bags have notes of chocolate and caramel for a sweet finish.

While all of these Coffee Blenders flavors offer a delicious cup of coffee on their own, you can also add different sweeteners to further enhance and personalize your morning cup of joe. We also recommend food pairings to many of these brews on our blog so you can transform your morning drink into an experience. 

What to Look For in Instant Gourmet Coffee Online

Purchasing instant gourmet coffee online doesn’t have to feel like a gamble if you know what to look for. At the store, you likely rely on your sense to find a new brew you like. From the visuals of the packaging and descriptions to the look of the beans and the aroma of the coffee and even a tasting if you’re lucky, you don’t get these experiences when buying instant gourmet coffee online. 

When navigating the world of online coffee, it’s important to understand the basics of body, acidity, flavor, and aroma. Through detailed descriptions, you can gain a better understanding of if a new coffee will be something you will enjoy. And if you want to branch out, knowing the roasting method, the region where the beans are from, and other information can also help you determine if the coffee is different from what you normally enjoy and prepare you for the flavors you’re about to experience. 

Learn more about finding the best instant gourmet coffee online from Coffee Blenders Complete Guide to Finding Quality Coffee Products Online

Where to Take Portable Pour-Over Coffee

With Coffee Blenders, you aren’t confined to your kitchen when making or enjoying your perfect cup of joe. Here are just a handful of the places you can have Coffee Blenders, no matter if you’re drinking it yourself or offering it to guests:

At The Office

Who needs more appliances cluttering up their office space? If you run an office, it’s time to switch to Coffee Blenders. Not only are the coffee tea bags easily stored, but all your team needs is access to hot water to make a great cup of coffee to help them keep caffeinated throughout the day. Plus, no one is stuck cleaning out a coffee maker or vacuuming up coffee grounds anymore!


Just because you’re out in the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to skip your morning cup of coffee. Coffee Blenders are compact and lightweight, making them great for when you’re camping or hiking. All you need to do is boil water over your campfire or cooking stove and pour it over the travel coffee bags and let it brew. This is so easy that no matter where you are you can still take a little bit of comfort with you.

In The Waiting Room

Cheer up your waiting room with some instant gourmet coffee. Coffee Blenders don’t take up much space and are self-explanatory, so visitors can easily make themselves a cup while they wait for an appointment. This is a great way to add some comfort to the space and give guests the little pick-me-up they might need at the moment. 

At a Hotel

Traveling can oftentimes mean a break from routine. But what if you don’t want to leave your morning coffee at home? You can easily keep this part of your routine with single-cup pour-over coffee. With access to hot water, you can make your morning cup and skip the watery hotel coffee the hotel may provide (which simply can’t compete with Coffee Blenders flavors).

At Home

Of course, you can’t beat the convenience of Coffee Blenders at home. With coffee tea bags you get the maximum flavor out of high-quality coffee beans in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the mess of other brewing methods. In fact, it’s so easy that you can submerge your coffee in minutes while you prepare your breakfast or help the kids get ready for school.

Tea bag coffee truly provides the best way to satiate your cravings for your favorite beverage no matter where you are or the time of day (we all understand the need for that midday coffee during the work week.) All you need is hot water and some sweetener as required to have your perfect cup of joe ready in no time. 

Purchase Gourmet Instant Coffee Online 

Ready to experience the convenience and superior taste of tea bag coffee for yourself? Coffee Blenders is the expert in all things instant gourmet coffee. 

You can choose coffee tea bags from three iconic coffee-producing countries, all with different aromas and flavors, but all delicious, to find your favorite. Experience how easy and mess-free coffee making can be and change your morning routine for the better!

It’s never been easier to buy gourmet instant coffee online and have the peace of mind you are receiving a sustainable, convenient, and, most importantly, delicious coffee product.

Try one of our pour-over or tea bag instant coffees today!

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