How Is Costa Rican Style Coffee Different?

How Is Costa Rican Style Coffee Different?

When you’re exploring the world of coffee flavors, one stop you’ve got to make is in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican-style coffee is a gem, and it’s established itself as a firm favorite for many people around the world.

So, how is Costa Rican-style coffee different?

Costa Rican Coffee Flavor Profile

The proof is in the brew!

Lots of countries around the world produce coffee, but when it comes to it, it all boils down to flavor. So what is the Costa Rican coffee flavor profile?

Costa Rican coffees are known for their great bodies, citrus fruit flavors, and tones of apricot and brown sugar. This, combined with a crisp acidity give Costa Rican-style coffees a distinctive flavor that can be enjoyed around the world.

At present, Costa Rica is the 15th largest producer of coffee, producing almost 200,000,000 lbs worth each year.

5 Reasons Costa Rican Coffee Is Different

There are tons of great-tasting coffees around the world so why choose Costa Rica coffee?

1. Good Coffee Is the Law

When it comes to Costa Rican coffee, you know you’re not getting a low-quality product because it’s against their culture of coffee growing.

Costa Rican legislation dictated for over 30-years that only 100% Arabica coffee beans (the gold standard) can be grown. This is the only place in the world where you will find such a law, so you know when you choose a Costa Rican brew you’re in for a treat.

While the law may have been lifted in more recent times, this idea of quality coffee is still engrained in Costa Rican life.

2. Sustainable Practices

One of the big concerns with coffee production is sustainability.

The world is obsessed with coffee. Between 30-40% of the world’s population consumes at least one coffee a day, which is a huge number. This massive demand puts pressure on production and it’s important that we keep a focus on sustainability and quality.

Costa Rica is a leader in this area, with strict rules protecting its land from overproduction. Its investment in high-quality beans and commitment to protecting the land show sustainability is a big focus, and this is something consumers are eager to see.

3. A Bounty of Costa Rican Coffee Growing Regions

One of the most important requirements for growing coffee is altitude. If you look at Costa Rica on the map, it might be a relatively slender island, but it has many regions that reach the required altitude to grow coffee.

Two of the most well-known are the Tarrazu Region and Monte Crisol.

Tarrazu Region

The Tarrazu region is known to produce some of the best Costa Rican-style coffees.

Located in the central mountain region, many of its areas are ideal coffee-growing terrain. Its capital, San Marcos has an elevation of 4,688ft, but some areas of the region reach up to over 5,500ft in altitude.

Monte Crisol

Another well-known Costa Rican coffee is Monte Crisol.

These silky, slightly sweet coffees offer blueberry and butter flavors that are sure to tempt your taste buds into exploring Costa Rican-style coffee.

With many good coffee-growing regions, Tarrazu and Monte Crisol are just two options for Costa Rican coffee, but they’re two of the very best.

4. Never Rushing the Process Brings Out the Full Flavor of Costa Rican Style Coffee

Every coffee bean is unique. They grow at their own pace and have their own characteristics.

If you treat every coffee bean the same, then you won’t be able to extract the richest flavors. This is where Costa Rican coffee excels, because its farmers never rush the process, picking the beans by hand to ensure everyone is picked at the ideal time.

When you taste an amazing coffee, you can sense the amazing care that’s been put into its production, and this is something that’s particularly true with Costa Rican-style coffees.

5. Enjoy a Costa Rican Coffee at Your Own Pace

How often do you carve the perfect coffee but just don’t have the time or energy to brew it yourself?

If this feeling is something you’re familiar with, then Costa Rican coffee offers the answer. With our Costa Rican coffee tea bags, you can have all the benefits of fresh Costa Rican coffee without all the hassle.

Check out our guide for brewing the perfect coffee tea bag, and find out how you can enjoy your Costa Rican-style coffee with greater convenience.

Costa Rican Style Coffee - One You’ve Got to Try

When you’re looking for your next favorite coffee you’ve got to check out Costa Rican style.

Not only does this country’s coffee production tick all the boxes when it comes to taste (good coffee is pretty much the law in Costa Rica) but it also does an amazing job with things like sustainability.

We think Costa Rican-style coffee is different.

See for yourself and try our Tea Bag Costa Rican Coffee today!

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