The Perfect Brewing Guide for Coffee Tea Bags

The Perfect Brewing Guide for Coffee Tea Bags

How do you make the perfect brew?

This perfect brewing guide for coffee tea bags will show you how to create your ideal cup of coffee. Using high-quality coffee tea bags with fresh coffee from around the world, all that’s left to decide is how you take it. 

What Are Coffee Tea Bags?

There’s often one big problem with an indulgent, high-quality coffee - it takes time. 

When you drink coffee, you want to go with quality, but at the same time, you don’t necessarily want to go through the whole process of making a proper brew. The alternative is instant coffee, and you don’t want to go there!

Luckily, there is an answer, and it comes in the form of coffee tea bags. 

Just as you would brew tea using a traditional tea bag, you can now do the same with fresh coffee, and the results are brilliant. Coffee singles bags give you the quality of fresh coffee with the convenience of instant. 

The 4 Keys To Brewing Coffee Tea Bags

Coffee is a very personal thing. Everyone likes something different from their cup of joe, and with coffee tea bags, much of this depends on how it’s brewed. 

Choose the Coffee Tea Bag That Suits Your Style 

One of our favorite things about coffee is the unique flavors you get from coffees around the world. With coffee tea bags, you can be sampling the flavors of Costa Rica in the morning and Brazil in the evening.

Everyone’s got their own unique tastes, so explore your options and find the tea bag style coffee that you just can’t get enough of. Whether you’re looking for a chocolatey flavor with hints of caramel, a sweet balance with tones of vanilla, or tropical fruit flavors punctuated with a taste of brown sugar, we’ve got you covered!

The taste starts with your choice of coffee tea bag, so don’t be afraid to explore.

Get the Right Water Temperature 

Coffee is a little bit more difficult to brew than tea. 

Firstly, ground coffee is very fine, so a coffee bag must be able to let water in, without letting the sediment out. We’ve taken care of this bit for you, but there’s still one more thing for you to think about. 

The perfect brew requires the right water temperature - between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Too low or too high and it can lower the quality of your brew and make it less enjoyable. 

Notice that this is a little bit below boiling point, and water straight from your kettle could be too hot for brewing the optimal coffee. 

Add the Right Amount of Water

When you order a coffee at a cafe, you’ll choose from options such as “latte,” “cappuccino,” and “americano.“ The key ingredients that change when you get a different type of coffee are the milk and the water. 

For example, in an “espresso,”  you get the same amount of coffee as an “americano,” but it’s got less water. 

This is one of the ways you can control how you brew a coffee tea bag. The more water you add, the weaker the coffee is going to be. If you want a very strong brew, then you’ll want less water, but if you want something a bit weaker, then you can add more water. 

When it comes to milk, we’ve all got our own preferences as well!

Leave It to Brew for the Right Amount of Time 

Brewing individual filter coffee bags is a process of infusion. When you remove the coffee bag, there are no coffee grounds left - it’s just infused water. 

If you quickly dunk the coffee bag in your water before removing it, then it’s not going to have much time to infuse with the water, so you will get a weaker coffee. The longer you leave the bag in the water, the stronger your coffee will become. 

A good middle ground to aim for with coffee tea bags is 5-minutes, however if you find it too weak or two strong, change the brew time to suit your preferences.

Get the Perfect Brew from Your Coffee Tea Bags

Start your quest for the perfect brew with the highest quality coffee tea bags

At Coffee Blenders, we want you to have all the fun of artisanal coffee with the convenience of instant coffee. We’ll provide the ingredients, all you’ve got to do is decide what the perfect brew means for you, whether that's Rwanda, Guatemalan, or Ethiopian coffee.

Try our Tea Bag Coffee today!

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