Cup of traditional Ethiopian coffee

What to Pair With That Great Ethiopian Coffee Taste

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee, making its brew remarkable and historic. But how does Ethiopian coffee taste?

This light to medium body coffee brings a premium, rich, and fruity flavor profile to the table, with scents of citrus, the taste of chocolate and berries, and an aftertaste of bergamot and blueberry. 

With such an extensive bold and bright flavor profile, you can’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy Ethiopian style coffee with a sweet or savory treat. Below, we’ve compiled our suggestions for fruits and desserts to pair with the Ethiopian coffee taste, and where to get Ethiopian coffee that you can brew in your own kitchen.

What Fruits Pair Well With Ethiopian Style Coffee?

Whether you’re searching for a simple breakfast to go with your coffee or you need a snack suggestion for your afternoon pick-me-up, consider these fruits:

1. Berries

Because the Ethiopian coffee taste and flavor profile consist of berries in the aroma, taste, and aftertaste, it only makes sense that fresh berries go well with a cup of coffee. We recommend strawberries and raspberries for the ultimate pairing. 

2. Citrus Fruits 

Another complement to the flavor profile, oranges or grapefruit can help bring out the citrus in the coffee.

3. Apples 

Apples can help round out the flavor of your Ethiopian coffee and add another level of sweetness to your breakfast or snack. 

4. Cherries 

Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee is a common Ethiopian coffee type that tends to bring out a hint of cherry in its flavor profile, making cherries a great pairing option. 

What Desserts and Snacks Pair Well With Ethiopian Style Coffee?

Coffee isn’t only for breakfast! If you love to have a cup of coffee after dinner and treat it like dessert, consider pairing it with one of these options: 

1. Scones

Fruit scones have a reputation for pairing well with wine-style coffees like Ethiopian coffee, so consider these the next time you visit your local bakery. 

2. Lemon Desserts

If you’re looking for a dessert that will bring out the citrus notes from the coffee, try lemon meringue pie or lemon pound cake. These treats bring the perfect amount of sweetness and citrus without going overboard. 

3. Cheese Biscuits 

Ethiopian style coffee doesn’t only pair well with sweet treats -- it’s delicious with savory options too! Since Ethiopian coffee mimics a wine body, it also pairs well with cheese. A traditional cheese biscuit or a ham and cheese croissant make great accompaniments for your coffee. Consider these options when you want to have coffee with lunch!

4. Milk Chocolate 

Since Ethiopian style coffee contains light to medium body acidity, it can pair well with heavy foods like chocolate. 

Honorable Mention: Doro Wat

Coffee ceremony at an Ethiopian restaurant

If you’re searching for a dish that utilizes Ethiopian style coffee to its fullest potential, try Doro Wat. This traditional Ethiopian dish is one of the best-known chicken meals in its native land, utilizing a variety of flavors from the homeland that makes it such an iconic dish. Berbere spice, ground Ethiopian coffee, and niter kibbeh are pulled together to create an unforgettable rub that makes this dish so unique. 

It’s not exactly a coffee pairing, but it’s worth the mention. Consider creating Doro Wat for the family to enjoy before your coffee pairing! 

Pair These Treats With Our Ethiopian Pour-Over Coffee Pouches

Looking for an Ethiopian coffee company that produces an unmatched brew? Coffee Blenders Ethiopian Pour-Over Coffee Pouches provide a convenient twist on this unique, renowned style coffee. 

Traditional Ethiopian style coffee is like no other. The climate, altitude, and soil where the coffee grows give it its bright citrus, chocolate, and berry flavor and aroma. At Coffee Blenders, we take these remarkable coffee grounds and package them in a convenient, user-friendly pour-over single-serve pouch so you can enjoy your Ethiopian coffee whenever you want, wherever you want.

Interested in pairing your favorite fruits and desserts with Ethiopian style coffee? Try our pour-over coffee pouches today. 

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