What to Pair With the Guatemalan Coffee Flavor Profile

What to Pair With the Guatemalan Coffee Flavor Profile

Did you know that coffee pairings extend beyond the classic cup of joe and a donut? The snacks or meals you choose to drink with your morning coffee can actually help enhance its flavors and the overall coffee experience.

If you love the sweet citrus flavors of Guatemalan coffee, we have the perfect suggestions for what to pair it with. Read on to learn some Guatemalan coffee facts including which foods best complement the Guatemalan coffee flavor profile. 

Guatemalan Coffee Facts 101

Before talking about what pairs well with the Guatemalan coffee flavor profile, you likely want to know what this country-specific brew tastes like! At Coffee Blenders, our Guatemalan coffee is grown in the Huehuetenango region in the Northern part of the country. This region is known for its mountains, and the coffee grown in the high altitude often has a fruity profile with an ornate floral aroma that is instantly recognizable.

The Guatemalan coffee flavor profile is held in high regard among coffee professionals due to its complex yet smooth profile and clean finish. You may even detect hints of milk chocolate, maple, and orange zest from some Guatemalan coffee brands.

Food Pairings For The Guatemalan Coffee Flavor Profile

Getting hungry yet? The next time you reach for a cup of the best Guatemalan coffee try pairing it with one of these foods:

  • Dark Chocolate: Who doesn’t love the rich cacao found in dark chocolate? The slightly bitter yet sweet snack complements the sweet floral notes of the best Guatemalan coffee brands. Treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate in the morning or serve it with dessert after dinner.

  • Cinnamon Buns: If a more classic breakfast pastry pairing is what you seek, try a cinnamon bun. This delicious pastry is warm, sweet, and gooey - which is everything you’ll ever want from a breakfast treat. The sweet icing and cinnamon filling are a great complement to the Guatemalan coffee flavor profile and can bring out more of the maple notes of the brew.

  • Caramel Flan: Now for something a little more dessert-oriented. Caramel flan is a sweet treat that balances the sweet caramel notes with salt. The rich, salty-sweet flavors of this dessert go great with the sweeter Guatemalan coffee and make for a delicious after-dinner pairing for an added caffeine boost. 

  • Chocolate Cake: If you can’t tell by now, the Guatemalan coffee flavor profile pairs exceptionally well with all things chocolate. This obviously includes chocolate cake! If you’ve ever indulged in a slice of chocolate cake you know how important it can be to have a beverage on hand to help wash it down. Guatemalan coffee can cut through some of the richness while enhancing the flavor of the chocolate for an escalated dessert-eating experience.

  • Wheat Toast: Toast doesn’t have to be boring. This classic breakfast side can be elevated with Guatemalan coffee on hand. Especially wheat toast, which tends to have an earthier, hearty flavor that goes well with a sweeter cup of coffee. Consider pairing your toast with fruit or hazelnut spread to create an even more layered flavor experience. And the best part about this breakfast pairing is that it can all come together in under ten minutes!
  • Coffee Blenders Guatemalan Coffee

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