Traditional Colombian coffee

What to Pair With the Unique Colombian Coffee Taste

Colombian coffee provides a rich taste that fits perfectly with a sweet tooth. That's why many Colombians like to pair sweet desserts with the bold and strong taste of Colombian coffee, and it's something that you can also do at home whether you're looking for a pick-me-up to start the day or a nice treat after lunch or after a long day at the office. The desserts and the Colombian coffee bring out the signature taste in each, complementing and enhancing what you'll find within.

Popular Colombian desserts such as tres leches and dulce de leche are ideal matches for Colombian coffee beans, also making for a unique twist on that old coffee and donuts staple. After all, if you're enjoying Colombian coffee, you might as well get a taste for the stunning flavors that can bring out the best of Colombian coffee brands.


You may not be familiar with the name, but these round wafers are ideal for bringing out the bold Colombian coffee taste you'll find in a cup of Colombian coffee. They're easy to make and can be filled with condensed milk, fresh fruit, jam or dulce de leche to suit your precise tastes and preferences.

To balance out the sweetness, try adding shredded white cheese. Or go wild by making an oblea sandwich by taking two of these round wafers and adding filling in between. Others may prefer to eat them like a pizza with the filling spread out on top. Whatever you prefer, don't forget the Colombian coffee to dial up the taste and complete the pairing.

Torta de Tres Leches

A common dessert in Colombia, torta de tres leches is essentially a vanilla sponge cake doused with three kinds of milk. The milks used are condensed milk, regular or cream milk, and evaporated milk -- and the dish itself is popular throughout Colombia and Latin America because it's easy to make and as sweet as can be.

When paired with Colombian coffee, the taste is enhanced by the boldness of the coffee, while the milk helps balance out the richness. Being that Colombian coffee is a bold flavor, makes it a perfect match for torta de tres leches.


If you've ever had a macaroon, you know what to expect with cocadas. A baked good that features shredded coconut, cocadas are sweet and filling, and many different varieties exist to suit just about anyone's taste. If you're not much of a baker, you can buy them online and in specialty shops, though they are rather easy to make.

Cocadas blancas include milk and sugar while brown cocadas use brown sugar. At the edge of decadence, you'll find cocadas de arequipe, a rich dessert that pairs perfectly with Colombian coffee and the taste found within.


An offshoot of dulce de leche, arequipe is a dessert that is commonly served with crackers, fruit, cocadas or obleas. A sort of dip or topping, arequipe is fairly straightforward to make right at home. Simply boil sweetened milk until it thickens and turns a brownish caramel color.

Often combined with figs to create brevas con arequipe — figs with dulce de leche — it's a hugely popular Colombian dish that can be consumed with coffee or as part of a larger spread. Many Colombians actually add a side of white cheese to balance out the sweetness of the figs, but Colombian coffee also fits the bill.

Arroz Con Leche

The final item on our list of great desserts to pair with Colombian coffee features a taste similar to rice pudding. By soaking rice in milk, then adding condensed sweet milk, sugar and cinnamon, the mixture is brought to a boil and then left to thicken and cool. You'll know it's done when the rice is soft and fully cooked, and many opt to throw them in the fridge for a tasty and refreshing snack. Just top with cinnamon and serve.

In the morning, arroz con leche makes for a great breakfast, and when paired with Colombian coffee the sweet taste is balanced out by the richness of the coffee.

Great Colombian Coffee To Go

If you're looking for great Colombian coffee to match with your morning deserts or for a treat later in the day, give our Colombian Coffee in Tea Bags a try. They're easy to bring with you to work or to create a delicious and hot cup of coffee whenever you have an extra minute or two, and they'll give you the same signature Colombian coffee taste that you love. Simply boil some water, add the tea bag and you're ready to go with a delicious cup of coffee.

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