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Brazilian Coffee in Tea Bags 10-Count

Brazilian Coffee in Tea Bags 10-Count

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Natural Cerrado Brazilian Specialty Coffee in Tea Bags

Our Specialty Cerrado Brazilian coffee tea bags provide the perfect start to your day and a delicious caffeine boost for all those times when you need one. Plus they add flavor to all your meetings, both personal and professional. Embrace its rich flavor and aroma to keep you invigorated at all times!

What Makes Cerrado Brazilian Coffee So Exquisite?

With altitudes averaging above 2500 feet, the Cerrado plains possess the perfect conditions for growing exceptional coffee beans that make excellent gourmet coffee loved by connoisseurs across the world. In fact coffee grown in the Cerrado region of Brazil is viewed by many as the one of the best coffees the country has to offer due to how smooth and well balanced the coffee is all the way to its creamy finish. 

As one of the best Brazilian coffee brands, Coffee Blenders allows only premium quality beans to be used in its coffee tea bags.  Although our coffee from Brazil is very smooth it maintains hints of chocolate and caramel notes that are bold and distinctive. It has low acidity which enhances its taste - enjoy it deliciously hot or chilled! Either way the aroma will continue to linger in your surroundings long after.

Brazilian Coffee Tea Bags You Can Carry with You Wherever You Go

Besides the awesome Brazilian coffee taste, our Cerrado Brazilian coffee tea bags offer other advantages - they are portable and planet-friendly. Unlike other coffee products that require a wieldy machine to brew, our tea bag coffee is quick and easy to make. It takes the tedious work out of the coffee making process and doesn’t leave a mess either. Carry it wherever you go. Going camping for the weekend? Don’t like the charred office brew? Or perhaps you want to enjoy coffee instantly whenever you crave it at home? Our coffee tea bags offer the ultimate solution! 

Plus they’re eco-friendly as they are compostable. Enjoying single-serve coffee no longer has to be at the cost of the planet as our coffee tea bags are designed for sustainability.





Tasting Notes:

Chocolate, Caramel, Creamy, Heavy Body


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