Try Our Flavored Coffee Sampler Packs 

Explore our single serve coffee variety packs, perfect for gifting, sharing, or trying multiple coffees in each collection.

Our featured coffee variety bundles include: Coffee in Tea Bags Bundle Set, Pour Over Coffee Pouches Bundle Set, and Limited Edition Winter Blend Bundle Set!

Coffee in Tea Bags Bundle Set

Try our high quality, single-origin coffees in a convenient and easy-to-prep format. This coffee bundle includes Natural Cerrado Brazilian Specialty Coffee, Washed Huila Colombian Specialty Coffee, and Washed Tarrazu Costa Rican Specialty Coffee.

Pour Over Coffee Pouches Bundle Set

Want a quality coffee experience without leaving the house? This coffee sampler gift pack makes pour over coffee more convenient than ever. Coffee flavors to try include Washed Huehuetenango Guatemalan Specialty Pour Over Coffee, Washed Lake Kivu Rwandan Specialty Pour Over Coffee, and Washed Yirgacheffe Ethiopian Specialty Pour Over Coffee.



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