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Colombian Coffee in Tea Bags 10-Count

Colombian Coffee in Tea Bags 10-Count

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Tea bag coffee is the best way to enjoy coffee, no matter where you are - at home or on an outdoor expedition. Our specialty Columbian coffee in tea bags is designed to not only make your coffee drinking experience quick and effortless but also yummylicious. Buy our Colombian coffee tea bags online and experience it for yourself.

Washed Huila Colombian Specialty Coffee in Tea Bags

Coffee is synonymous with Colombia and the same is true vice versa.

Columbia is home to some of the most exceptional coffees on the planet due to the year round modest temperatures and ideal conditions for the coffee cherries to thrive. The Huila region is especially blessed with the most optimum environment that is conducive to growing coffee which explains why the region is known for its extraordinary quality beans. It yields some of the most well balanced and sweet coffees in all of Colombia. 

We are being modest when we say we are impressed each and every time we roast a batch of Huila washed Colombian. Made from the best quality Colombian beans, our Colombian coffee tea bags online coffee promises the utmost satisfaction. Synonymous with a pure flavor and rich aroma, a cup of our Colombian coffee is pure excellence! Enjoy it first thing in the morning, mid-morning, post lunch, or after a long day at work. No matter when you have it, you can count on feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, with the most delightful coffee aroma. 

Quick and Easy to Make, Portable, and Sustainable

Tea bag coffee resolves all of the problems associated with traditional coffee making. It is pre-portioned, doesn’t create a mess, and is not time consuming to prepare. Besides, unlike the other coffee products, you can carry your coffee tea bags wherever you go. Satiate your coffee cravings whether you’re enjoying an outdoor adventure or simply chilling at home. 

And if you’re thinking our single-serve coffee is creating toxic waste, think again. All our coffee tea bags are compostable, leading to a limited impact on the environment. Buy our eco-friendly Colombian coffee tea bags online today!





Tasting Notes:

Sweet, balanced, vanilla, chocolate, mild acidity

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