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Costa Rican Coffee in Tea Bags 10-Count

Costa Rican Coffee in Tea Bags 10-Count

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Washed Tarrazu Costa Rican Specialty Coffee in Tea Bags

To enjoy the most exquisite Costa Rican coffee in a no-fuss, no-mess manner, buy our Costa Rica coffee tea bags! Our tea bag coffee is easy to make, convenient, quick, and above all tasty. Kick-starting your day with coffee should be a simple and pleasurable experience, not the tedious and messy affair that other coffee making methods turn out to be. It’s time to ditch elaborate coffee making machines that take a lot of time and effort and embrace Costa Rican specialty tea bag coffee. 

Relish Rich and Exquisite Specialty Coffee Grown on Rich, Nutrient-Dense Soil 

Tarrazu in Costa Rica is world-renowned for growing some of the best coffees available. Costa Rican coffee is grown on farms (or “fincas” as they’re called) in the mountainous regions at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above the sea level. Located southeast from San Jose, the Tarrazu region is the perfect place to produce high-quality, great-tasting coffee because of the rich volcanic soil loaded with nutrients. 

It’s hardly a surprise then that Costa Rican coffee beans can make delicious cups of coffee that is heavy-bodied and blessed with a complex aroma. The coffee is sweet and fruity with notes of dark chocolate and is highly regarded in the specialty coffee community because of the complex properties of the coffee.

Enjoy Compostable Single-Serve Coffee

Our tea bag coffee offers not only a tasty and convenient solution but is also designed for sustainability unlike other single-serve Costa Rican coffee brands or products. With every Coffee Blenders’ coffee tea bag, you can enjoy peace in the knowledge that you’re using a product that has a limited environmental impact. 

Carry Costa Rican Specialty Coffee Tea Bags Even on the Go

Buy our Costa Rica coffee tea bags to get a taste of the most heavenly coffee. With these specialty coffee tea bags, you can enjoy taste and convenience all at once, wherever you are - at home, work, a camping trip, or anywhere on the go. 






Tasting Notes:

Dark chocolate, tropical fruit, brown sugar

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