The Best Guatemalan Pour Over Coffee Pouches 10-Count

Washed Huehuetenango Coffee

Washed Lake Kivu Guatemalan Specialty Pour Over Coffee

Grown in the Northern part of Guatemala, The Huehuetenango region is known for producing some of the best coffee Guatemala has to offer. The coffee is known to have a fruity smooth profile with a floral and ornate aroma. Many coffee professionals hold this coffee in very high regard due to the complexities the coffee has to offer.


Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The Huehuetenango region of Guatemala is located near the border with Mexico. The farms in this area are among the highest in altitude and are prized for their quality.


Our beans utilize a washed process that ensures our coffee reflects only the flavors and terroir of the region it is grown.

Tasting Notes:

A light aromatic body with notes of milk chocolate, maple, orange zest and a clean finish that pairs exceptionally well with foods such as dark chocolate and Cinnamon Buns.

Pour Over Coffee Made Simple:

An open pouch of the best guatemalan coffee A pouche of the best guatemalan coffee steeping A cup of the best guatemalan coffee next to a used pouch

1. Remove the pour over pouch from the wrapper and tear open along the perforated line.


2. Place the pouch on your cup, extending the anchors and slowly pour roughly 8 oz of hot water over the opened pouch. Once to the top, let the water settle into the coffee.

3. Slowly repeat this process three times until you have your 8 oz of freshly brewed coffee. Enjoy!


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