Washed Lake Kivu Rwandan Coffee Pour Over Pouches 10-Count

Washed Lake Kivu Rwandan Specialty Pour Over Coffee

Coffee from East Africa is well known for having some of the most complex profiles of any growing region. Grown in the fertile volcanic soils in the region of Lake Kivu, this single origin Rwandan arabica coffee can be described as complex and decedent. The high altitude coupled with the rich minerals of the soil and humidity make for a cupping experience that is truly unique. 


Lake Kivu, Rwanda. With its high elevation, most coffee farms are situated between 4,000 and 6,500 feet above sea level allowing this region to produce some of the finest coffee beans in Rwanda.


Our beans utilize a washed process that ensures our coffee reflects only the flavors and terroir of the region it is grown.

Tasting Notes:

Hints of orange blossom and lime give way to a creamy body with a complex caramel and cocoa finish.

Pour Over Coffee Made Simple:

A open pouch of Washed Lake Kivu Rwandan Coffee Pour Over Pouches that you should buy
A pouch of Washed Lake Kivu Rwandan Pour Over Coffee being steeped
A cup of Coffee next to a used pouch of washed Lake Kivu Rwandan Pour Over Coffee that you can buy

1. Remove the pour over pouch from the wrapper and tear open along the perforated line.


2. Place the pouch on your cup, extending the anchors and slowly pour roughly 8 oz of hot water over the opened pouch. Once to the top, let the water settle into the coffee.

3. Slowly repeat this process three times until you have your 8 oz of freshly brewed coffee. Enjoy!


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