Winter Blend Bundle - Set of 3

Limited Edition: Winter Blend Bundle Set 

Welcome the holiday season with the complete Limited Edition Winter Blend Collection, featuring all three of our seasonal release products – Winter Blend Pour Overs, Winter Blend Decaf in Tea Bags, & Winter Blend Mint Chocolate in Tea Bags. Featuring a quintessential, rich winter coffee, a smooth decaf edition, and unique flavored offering, this bundle is sure to have something for every kind of coffee lover, and is perfect for gifting to family and friends!

Read more about each Winter Blend coffee below:


Winter Blend Pour Overs 

Winter Blend Pour Over is a fine blend from Latin America with notes of cocoa, citrus fruits, & toasted brown sugar. This easy-to-prepare Pour over is perfect when you want to take a break to enjoy an authentic cup of coffee in between or during your seasonal celebrations!

Tasting Notes: Baker’s Cocoa, Mild Citrus, Brown Sugar


Winter Blend Decaf in Tea Bags

Our Decaf Winter Blend is a smooth cup of coffee, with notes of graham cracker and caramel. This deep, rich tasting, easy-to-prepare decaffeinated coffee is a perfect companion as you sit back and relax to enjoy your mid-afternoon break or after-dinner treat.

Tasting Notes: Graham Cracker, Caramel, Syrupy Body


Winter Blend Mint Chocolate in Tea Bags 

Enjoy Mint chocolate Winter Blend with notes of fresh spearmint & creamy milk chocolate. Our Mint Chocolate Winter Blend in Tea Bags is best served hot or cold, a tasty and easy-to-prepare coffee to pair with sweet treats. Add your favorite milk or creamer to quickly craft your own unique seasonal latte right at home!

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Fresh Mint, Creamy

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